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UAE Fishing Spots (Generic View Map, not good for mobile phones):

UAE Fishing Spots

Links to detailed location maps:(Easy to use for both on mobile phones and desktops)

Abu Dhabi

1. Al Rahba: Tide effect ? Come and see it here. The stream is quite strong as well. Different place with different species.

Click for Al Rahba Location map

2. Al Raha: High stream, small spot.

Click for Al Raha Location map

3. Yas Island

Click for Yas Island Location map

4. Yas Marina

Click for Yas Marina Location map

5. Sheikh Zayed Bridge

Click for Sheikh Zayed Bridge Location map

6. Al Maqta Bridge

Click for Al Maqta Bridge Location map

7. Al Musaffah Bridge Spot 1: Famous and worth to try despite I was not lucky at the rare times I had chance to fish there… I heard a lot of big fish adventures for that spot.

Click for Al Musaffah Bridge Spot 1 Location map

8. Al Musaffah Bridge Spot 2: Same as Al Musaffah Bridge Spot 1.

Click for Al Musaffah Bridge Spot 2 Location map

9. Al Musaffah: Comfortable and promising spot.

Click for Al Musaffah Location map

10. Armed Forces Officers Club:Stinking and dirty place 🙁 I heard good fishing stories though.

Click for Armed Forces Officers Club Location map

11. ADNEC Area

Click for ADNEC Area Location map

12. Salam Street – Corniche Fishing Spot

Click for Salam Street – Corniche Fishing Spot Location map

13. Al Bateen (Hodariyat) Bridge:Nice and comfortable place, though they have closed the car entrance to the bridge area recently, so you have to park your car at the parking area next to the bridge and walk under the bridge. You can get big hammour or king fish, mainly on live bait.

Click for Al Bateen (Hodariyat) Bridge Location map

14. Marina Mall Spot 1

Click for Marina Mall Spot 1 Location map

15. Marina Mall Spot 2

Click for Marina Mall Spot 2 Location map

16. Al Marina Breakwater

Click for Al Marina Breakwater Location map

17. Navy Gate Bridge

Click for Navy Gate Bridge Location map

18. Sheikh Khalifa Bridge

Click for Sheikh Khalifa Bridge Location map

19. Al Aryam: A spot that have been discovered thanks to our friend, a real enthusiast, Mr. Vinod. We got a lot of fish that can be considered very good size from shore. Water becomes a bit dirty on high tide.

Click for Al Aryam Location map


1. Garhoud Bridge: You can fish on both side of the bridge. It is a comfortable place where you can sit and enjoy. The area is full of Qabit, Nagroor and some Tilapia, even you can get hammour if you are lucky. There is toilet and masjeed behind the area in Al Boom Touristic village where you can park your car as well.

Click for Garhoud Bridge Location map

2. Al Maktoum Bridge: Half comfortable place, quite hot and pressurized during summer, you can get some qabit, barracuda (With lures and spinning) and big Tilapias from the leg of the bridge when tide moves. There is toilet behind the area in front of Dubai Courts where you can park your car as well.

Click for Al Maktoum Bridge Location map

3. On Top of Shindagha Tunnel: Nice and comfortable place close to the community. A lots of people do spinning with lures for barracudas in the morning time. I remember times we went back with 2-3 kg small fish each in couple of hours time.

Click for On Top of Shindagha Tunnel Location map

4. Jumeirah Spot 1: Amazing water color, Rocky but comfortable, good for spinning early morning.

Click for Jumeirah Spot 1 Location map

5. Jumeirah Spot 2: Rocks, not very comfortable, no limit on species but you can get Sultan Ibrahim, some Barracuda, Stingray.

Click for Jumeirah Spot 2 Location map

6. Al Sufouh Beach: That’s a nice and long beach where you can relax, sit comfortably and enjoy fishing. It is generally windy and you may even enjoy fishing during summer. I caught there interesting species which I could not put a name yet! Of course not during swimming hours.

Click for Al Sufouh Beach Location map

7. JBR Breakwater: We used to catch big king fish, tuna and many other species from this spot until they build Blue Water Island. It is not like it was in the past but still worth to go.

Click for JBR Breakwater Location map

Umm Al Quwain

Al Limghadar (Al Raas)

Click for Al Limghadar (Al Raas) Location map


1. Ajman Spot 1(Next to Ajman Palace)

Click for Ajman Spot 1(Next to Ajman Palace) Location map

2. Ajman Spot 2 (Across Kempinski)

Click for Ajman Spot 2 (Across Kempinski) Location map

Ras Al Khaimah

Hilton RAK Resort Spot: Comfortable spot but rocky.

Click for Hilton RAK Resort Spot Location map


1. Kalba Spot

Click for Kalba Spot map

2. Kalba Park Breakwater

Click for Kalba Park Breakwater

**You want to know wetlands as well ? Click the link below :
UAE Wetlands
More spots will follow!