Powerboater Check List

Powerboater Check List


The weather forecasts and do not go if you are not sure! Thats the first and most important tip in powerboater check list.

The boat buoyancy

The Fuel level on both engine and tank

The engine starts and steers

Transponder is energized.

Also check that you have;

PFD – Personal Flotation Device like life jacket for each person, also floating ring

Kill cord


Fire extinguisher

First aid kit and manual

Fog horn

Knife, big and sharp enough to cut something rolled on to propeller

Anchor, chain and warp

Protective clothing, also you may need swimwear and towel

Second outboard motor or at least pair of paddles.

Bucket, Bailer or bilge pump

Engine spares

VHF radio

Radar Reflector

Wind anemometer

Compass, electronic aids including navigation and charts if needed.