Lure Fishing

Lure Fishing makes use of a wood, plastic, or metal device which can emulate or simulate anything that the fish would likely to eat. (Please have a look at my fishing lures page before you read this page) The point in Lure Fishing is to make inanimate things resemble a fleeing or wounded fish to any hungry fish and fool it into the idea that it will consume an easy meal. Fishing Lures are made to trigger a strike by provoking numerous behavior patterns on the fish. They can appeal to fish which are just looking for food, or they can provoke the defensive actions of fish.

There is no specific type of Fishing equipment in Lure Fishing. However, you need to consider if your Fishing Rod, Fishing Reel, and other Fishing stuff will be up to the job. In this section, we will look at the features of some of the Fishing equipment that you need as well as some pointers in Lure Fishing:

Lure Rods

You can use almost any type of Fishing Rod in this Fishing Discipline, but it will be better and more effective if you use one which is designed for Lure Fishing. Do not use a Fishing Rod that is too heavy and too long, since you will be casting and retrieving for a long time. An ideal Lure Rod would be 2.4 or 2.7 mt.s in length. This increases casting accuracy and is not that heavy.

Fishing Reels

As far as Fishing Reels are concerned, you can use any type, as long as it is not that heavy. An ideal one for Lure Fishing would be a relatively small fixed-spool Fishing Reel. Just take note that it should have the capacity of taking 100 mt.s or more of Fishing Line weighing 4-5 kg.s. Bear in mind that the Fishing Rod and Fishing Reel must fit together, so do not use a heavy Fishing Reel with a light Fishing Rod.

Fishing Line

You really need to pay attention to the quality of Fishing Lines that you will use, as Fishing Lines are the ones which are usually getting battered. A good quality Fishing Line usually works well in Lure Fishing. Though they are expensive, Braided Fishing Lines are great because they are tough and long-lasting. However, read the package instructions and follow the advice of manufacturers who may be recommending specific types of Fishing Knots. Again for fishing lines, you get what you pay for!


Swivels also play a big role in Lure Fishing. Without a swivel, you will have increased chances of line twisting, making it useless before you know it. Make sure that you have a highly-regarded swivel. A very cheap one will probably just let you down.

So how those lures moves and how can we choose the right one for right fish ? Watch these videos to have an idea!





















Tips in Lure Fishing

If you think Lure Fishing is very difficult, think again. This Fishing Discipline is relatively easy, provided you have the appropriate Fishing equipment, and as a rule of thumb, your Fishing equipment must correspond to where you will be fishing and the fish you are after. To make Lure Fishing easier, take note of these pointers:

    • Hook bacon strips or round one on your treble hook. This is usually effective in attracting a wary fish.


    • It is quite hard to choose the appropriate spinner for that moment, so it would be better if you have two of each of the common designs or patterns.


    • If you are fishing in calm water, try using a surface Fishing Lure at night, especially on a full moon. Fish appear to be vigorous during this time, particularly in summer.


    • If you notice that a fish is already attracted to your Fishing Lure, do not make the mistake of slowing down your retrieve. Speed the Fishing Lure up, otherwise the Fishing Lure will not appear alive, making the fish to swim away.


    • Make sure that your hooks are always sharp. Remember that you need to securely hook the fish. Just imagine what you will feel if you finally hooked up a fish and it suddenly shook itself free from a dull treble point.


    • Always carry a hook remover. This is important in unhooking a fish caught by a Fishing Lure. Do not attempt to take the hook out with your fingers, especially if you caught a barracuda 🙂

Eventually, getting yourself familiar with the aspects of Lure Fishing will pay off.