Surf Fishing

Surf FishingSurf Fishing or beach casting is the sport of catching fish in the shoreline. It can be done in different types of shores, sandy or rocky beaches, rock jetties or fishing piers.

You can do surf fishing at any time in the day or even in the night.

There are different techniques you can use to have a big catch. I.e. birds could help in seasparklelocating the fish, because they look for fish as well. Sea sparkle is another attractive thing for fishes, just throw the line inside the sea sparkle when you see it. Also silence is important for fish to come closer to the shore.

We use rods and reels on surf fishing and their technical specifications should be consistent.  Rods should be between 2 and 4.5 meters. You might have different lengths depends on the location and fish species you are targeting.

A small reel with a good drag power like 5-6 kg and can carry 150 meters 0.3 monofilament line would serve the purpose. If it is attached to a carbon rod with 3 meters length, that gear will be light, will not tire you and help you to enjoy more.

On the other hand, you never know what you will get out from the ocean, so be ready for a big catch too! Remember it is not only the rod or reel get a big catch of water, it is experience as well.

As usual, we use sinkers, bobbers and baits such as live fish, sardines, shrimps, squid and also artificial lures on surf fishing.

and again safety first, keep in mind you might easily get hurt on a rock or a pier. Always keep a first aid kit with you and keep your eyes open!

A nice casting technique, Pendulum: