Spin Fishing or spinning means using a Fishing Lure which spins as the angler reels in the Fishing Line. Using an artificial tackle, a light Fishing Rod is used and a reel with a bail or similar device guides the line around a stationary pool. It can be disengaged to let the line run freely. The line is rewound by a finger that turns around the stationary pool as you crank the wheel. As the lure spins, the lure’s action often provokes the fish to bite. If a fish strikes the spinning lure, it will hook itself.

The simplest Spin Fishing setup includes a rod, reel, line, and a lure. When spin fishing, you use the rod as a lever to fling the weight of the lure. This lure is attached to your rod and reel with a relatively weightless monofilament Fishing Line.

The reel that you would be using has a stationary pool. A bail arm is used to manage the line. It is a wire hoop that you can open which will allow the line to freely come off. Your reel should be light and smooth so you can easily turn it. There are two types of reels: open-faced reel and closed-faced reel. You can directly see the line and spool in the open-faced reel. On the other hand, a closed-faced reel has a cone covering the spool and line. Meanwhile, in choosing your spinning rod, take note of its weight action, length, and materials. Rods are usually made of carbon fibers with glass and or Kevlar. Choose a monofilament or braided line made for Spin Fishing. Use a light Fishing Rod for small fish and heavier rods for bigger fish.

Spin Fishing is by far one of the most popular methods of recreational fishing in the world today. Likewise, it can be an effective means of catching all kinds of fish. No matter what type of fish you choose, you’ll definitely catch it with your Spin Fishing gear.