Kayak fishing

Kayak fishingFishing from Kayaks is an ancient practice. Since prehistoric times, man has already ventured out to fish in waters from the ice caps to the equator. Kayaks were long used as a means of transportation and in some cases, as a means to accessing spots were fish are abundant. With the development of Kayaks and other pieces of equipment used, nowadays, the sport of Kayak Fishing has evolved.

Kayak Fishing, in simple terms, is fishing while sitting on or in a Kayak. Typically, the angler will launch from a shore spot which is relatively close to their target and paddle. Although they do not have the same speed as compared to Fishing Boats, Kayaks can reach Fishing areas which some boats cannot.

Fishing techniques developed by boaters and shore anglers are easily adapted to Kayak Fishing and the presentation is the same. The only difference is how a Kayak is rigged and how all pieces of equipment needed are stored in a small space.


The most common type of Kayak used in Kayak Fishing is the sit-on-top style. Sit-on-top style Kayaks are easier to get back into after flipping. They are also self-bailing, emptying water out of the Cockpit through scupper holes. Likewise, sit-on-top provides a very stable fishing platform because of its mobility and flexibility.

Another type of Kayak that can be used is the Recreational Kayak. It usually has a high initial stability and large Cockpit. It is perfect for flat water, lakes, ponds, and gentle rivers and creeks but usually not whitewater. Many serve as excellent platforms for Fishing, hunting, or photography. One downside of using a Recreational Kayak is if it turtles, water can enter the Cockpit, making a self-rescue and getting out of the water difficult.

These are only two of the most common types of Kayaks used in Kayak Fishing. Other types include Sea Kayaks, surf Kayaks, whitewater Kayaks, and Inflatable Kayaks. In choosing the right vessel, take note of its pros and cons. Test as many boats as possible and find out what suits you best.

Interested in Kayak Fishing? Before setting out, learn everything you need to know about the sport. Like other sports, Kayak Fishing can be dangerous. Keep safety in check and you will surely enjoy this exciting activity.