How to fish in UAE ?

Top 10 tips on fishing :

  1. Having patience when fishing is important. Fishing is a sport of self-control and confidence and these come with experience catching fish. “The sea is the best teacher of an angler, it shapes attitude and defines determination, but most of all it teaches patience.”
  2. The time of day or night that you choose to fish is another valuable tip. 30 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset are the best times. And don’t forget the same holds true for moonrise and moonset.
  3. Location is the best tip that can make you productive, fish cover such as vegetation and submerged wood in shallow water and structure like humps, rocks and points in deep water. Following the forage is a key to catching game fish.
  4. Know the fish that you are pursuing. Understand their habits, diet, and biology. Remember the three “R’s”, Read, Research and Record data in a journal.
  5. Water clarity and lure color- dark water = bright color, Clear water= natural colors. Dark sky= Dark Colors, light sky = lighter colors. Also keep in mind that color changes in deeper depths with red being the first to fade. All colors end up black or white in deep water.
  6. Use good gear, quality line and hooks produce. Your gear doesn’t have to be the most expensive but with fishing gear I have learned that there is some truth to the phrase, “you get what you pay for”.
  7. Obey laws and regulations and be responsible with your creel. Practice catch and release. Sew a seed for the future.
  8. Share the fishing experience with others and take others new to fishing with you! Offer a day in your boat to an angler on the bank, I promise you will be glad you did, and you may learn something.
  9. Tie good knots, retie often and sharpen hooks every few fish with a good file.
  10. Always be safe on the water. The USCG reports of 4,730 boating incidents last year 3,358 boaters were reported injured, and 736 died. Among those who drowned, 9 out of 10 were not wearing PDF’s. Drowning caused 72% of the boating fatalities. 90% of victims were not wearing life jackets. Wear a PFD and live to fish another day!

Happy Fishing!