Deep sea fishing

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As the name implies, Deep Sea Fishing involves going out into the sea and fishing in deep waters or at the bottom of the sea. This is for all the experienced anglers who want to take recreational fishing to the next level. It offers fishermen a great opportunity to catch different fish species which are definitely more massive than those normally caught on shore fishing. It can also be  challenging so adequate planning, enough knowledge on offshore activity and suitable pieces of equipment are important.

Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

Trolling, bottom fishing, and trawling are the commonly-used techniques in Deep Sea Fishing.

    • In trolling, the Fishing Line with the bait is drawn underneath the water surface as the specialized Fishing Boat moves slowly. Trolling is a fishing technique most commonly used off shore although it can be used inshore as well.  A fishing boat drags bait behind it through the water, which is considered trolling.  Larger sportfish boats use outriggers, “large poles” to spread out multiple fishing lines so they do not snag on each other.  Down-riggers are used to keep the bait at specifically desired depths where certain fish feed.  Trolling is extremely popular among anglers and fishing charters because it allows the fisherman to cover large amounts of fishing grounds in a relatively short amount of time increasing your chance of finding the fish you are looking for.  Fishing boats usually drag their bat about 25-50 yards behind them.  You can use live or dead bate and artificial lures.  When using live bait make sure not to put strain on it.
    • Bottom fishing involves taking your bait or lure and line all the way to the bottom of the sea.
    • If your goal is to catch a lot of fish at one time, trawling may be the Fishing method for you. This makes use of a specialized net with weights and wheels. As the boat moves, this net also moves on the bottom and catches all the fish that come its way.

Deep Sea Fishing Equipment

You obviously need a Fishing tackle that can meet the rigors of Deep Sea Fishing. Make sure you have longer and stronger Fishing Lines and a durable Fishing Reel and Fishing Rod. You also need sinkers that will guide the line to the very depths of the sea. Other essentials include the terminal rig where a container with chum, or ground Fishing Bait, is attached.

For serious anglers, Deep Sea Fishing offers a different kind of angling adventure. It has its rewards, though it can also bring frustration and problems. It does entail adequate skill, enough knowledge on your target fish species, and a lot of patience. Acquire the right pieces of equipment and learn the nature of Deep Sea Fishing to ensure an exciting offshore experience.