How To Clean Your Catch?

How To Clean Your Catch?

You might pissed off if you dont know how to clean your catch after having a good fishing session. Lets have a look:

Scaling: You will not like to clean the scales from your kitchen counter tops, sink and walls when you are done, so use one of the options below:

1 :Set up a table outdoors and cover it with newspaper. Try to find a table high enough to work comfortably on, that can be rinsed easily with a garden hose when you are finished.

2: Fill your sink with water you do scaling under the water.

3. Finds a transparent plastic bag big enough to keep both fish and your hands inside while you are scaling. (Thats what I do indeed)

Hold the fish by the head, and scrape the scales from the tail toward the gills with a dull knife, upside down spoon or a scaler. You should see scales flying off if you are using adequate pressure. Keep the strokes of your “scaler” short and quick, and work carefully around fins because they can prick or puncture your skin.

Dont forget to get scales off around the pectoral and dorsal fins and up to the edge of the gills.

Rinse the fish.

Gutting: Small pan fish can be held in one hand, while the knife work is done with the other. Large fish will be held on their back on the table.

Insert your knife or scissor to the point where the anus was located and draw the knife toward the head, to the base of the gills.

Spread the abdominal cavity with your fingers, and drag the entrails out.

Rinse the cavity out with a good stream of water and wash the skin.


Remove the head if you like.