Get your fishing license first!



Fishing License required!

1. A ban against trawling does exit in the United Arab Emirate since the 1970’s.

2. No license, no fishing!

3. It is prohibited to catch crabs, squids, cattle fish, mussels and juvenile fishes. Dont forget to check details when you get your license.

4. Fishing is prohibited in sanctuaries, swimming beaches, shipping areas and private places.

5. You have to respect fishing seasons and check is it allowed to fish at the time you are looking for fishing.

So, how to get fishing license?

New Fishing License Process for Dubai:

Fishing licences are required for all recreational fishing activities in Dubai. Tourists can check with hotel they stay or Dubai Municipality for the process.

Only residents of Dubai can apply for a yearly recreational licence and from the Dubai Municipality. The recreational fishing licence is free and grants permission to fish off the coastline OR from your leisure boat if you have. Yes, you need license to fish from your boat as well.


1. Register to the Dubai Municipality website.

2. Once you receive log in details,

– log onto the website,

– click individual services,

– search for “fishing”,

– click Request for Recreational Fishing License (string and hooks),

– click “run service” from the bottom of the page, (You need java to be installed to run the service and I recommend firefox as browser)

– click “Request for fishing license”, fill the form and follow the guidelines.

Required documents

You will have to attach the copy of the following documents during on line application.

Fishing License

    • Passport copy (with residency for non-local)
    • High resolution personal photo
    • Boat license (to request re-creational fishing using boats)

    ** Additional documents required from non-local residents:

    • Prove of residency in Dubai: (Tenancy contract/ownership certificate)
    • DEWA Electricity bill
    • Job contract and Official Letter (if establishment provides accommodation).

    Labor card /work permit (to request re-creational fishing using thread and hooks)

Your documentation will be verified within three days and you can track it on line.

3. Once it is approved, Go to Marine Environment & Wildlife section in Dubai Municipality Environment Department with copy of your application. They will print your license immediately.

Fishing License

Location Map


In Abu Hail, beside Deira Main post office.

Open between 7:30 and 14:00 and only in the weekdays.

Contact: Mr. Mohammed Ali Hashim Ahmed Al Hussain

( / 04- 606 68 22)
Save the license number on your mobile, that will be enough to carry.

Fishing License process for Abu Dhabi:

The license is available for a week or a year. Applicants should be 18 years or above, also must be resident of Abu Dhabi to apply the yearly license. The licenses is valid only for shore based fishing, using rod and reel or hand lines.

You need to be logged in to Abu Dhabi Portal in order to access licensing service and first you have to create your EAD user credentials from EAD’s eServices Portal. Just select “Register for e-services” from the left menu and follow the guidelines.

Weekly license is 30 AED and yearly license is 120 AED.

Fishing License process for Oman:

If you go to Oman, you have to get a daily fishing license.

Conditions and procedures for obtaining an amateur fishing license (b) license for one day:

  • Request letter, stating the number of licenses required to obtain.
  • Adherence to the use of tools and fishing equipment determined by the competent authority (the string and hook)
  • Unauthorized fishing for the purpose of trade.

Licensing fee is five hundred Bz. It is valid for one day, starts with the sun rise and ends at sunset. Please check the link below for more details.

Amateur fishing license in Oman


Looking for other Emirates ? Here is a good link you can find some more information:


Let me remind you that you will get fined if you fish without license. Please have a look at the links below.