Fishing Safety

Fishing Safety

Some basic fishing safety tips:

1. Read the weather forecasts and consider any warnings.

2. Make a careful judgement as to whether your fishing spot is safe, taking into account the swell direction, the tide height, the strength of the wind and the height and orientation of the rock platform.

3. Decide what sort of footwear is needed to keep you from being swept off your feet.

4. Choose appropriate clothing for the day, including a personal flotation devices.

5. Try not to fish alone.

6. If in doubt, get out!

Let’s learn! How to remove hook from yourself ?

You want to know which fishes in UAE are dangerous ?

Dangerous Fishes in UAE

Also lets have a look at threats, and take some precautions :

Ciguatera poisoning


Mercury Levels in Commercial Fish and Shellfish (1990-2010)

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