Fishing Rigs

Sabiki Rig: Sabiki fishing rigs are special rigs with six little jig flies attached. You can buy them ready made from any tackle shop. They are used from the pier or a boat and you just have to jig them up and down to catch fish.

They also can be used on surf fishing if you cut and use hooks 2 by 2 or 3 by 3. Number 12 or 14 hooks are good for the surf. Of course you have to use bait as well in that case. The rig itself is very light, so it needs a sinker attached in order to cast it.

Alexandria knot and rig: You can find my favorite knot & bottom fishing rigs at the video below : (Thanks to my dear friend Mahmoud)

Spinning Rig:

spinning rig 600 - 900 mm 5-6 kg

Just use a swivel and then 60 – 90 cm.s monofilament line with 8 – 10 kg carriage and use rapala knot.

Grouper Rig:

One of best for rocky deep sea fishing…

Grouper Fishing rig









Fish Finder Rig:


The purpose of the fish finder rig is to allow the live bait to free line in the surf until a fish picks up the bait. The sinker rests on the bottom and the rig allows the line to feed the bait out freely. It works well with an out going tide or in moving current. As the tide moves out it takes the bait with it. When a fish picks up the bait it doesn’t feel the weight of the sinker until it’s hooked.

Three way Rig:


Tie the main line to one eye of the three way swivel, add/tie the drop lines, one at 30 to 45 cm.s and the other at 60 to 90 inches to the other two eyes on the swivel. Tie the hook to the longer drop line (60/90 cm.s) and the sinker to the other at (30/45 cm.s). For all knots use the Improved Clinch Knot.


Slip Bobber Rig

Slip Bobber Rig

Suggested Tackle:
Any light rod & reel set-up will work but we suggest a longer rod in aiding longer casts and setting the hook.
Rod – 7′ to 8′ foot plus, light with medium action spinning rod.
Reel – Any good quality spinning reel balanced to the rod with a smooth drag.
Line – 4 – 8 pound test monofilament.

Use the smallest hook possible to maintain the natural action of the live bait. The Octopus hook is the most commonly used although circle hooks are equally effective.

How to rig a slip bobber

Began by threading the stop knot tube on the line

Push the stop knot off the tube onto the line toward the rod tip and remove tube.

Pull the loose tag ends of the knot semi-tight to be adjustable. Trim off the tag ends close to the knot.

Thread on the bead and slip float, be sure the top of the float is facing the rod tip.

Pinch on a split shot below the float and tie on the hook on using a Improved Clinch Knot.

Others: You can find some other good rigs at the link below: