Fishing Knots

Lets start with some good tips and some Fishing Knots easy to tie :

  • Wet Fishing Knots with saliva before you pull them to tighten.
  • Trim knots closely with a nail clipper. Do not burn the tag end, heat damages the line and knot.
  • Pull up all ends when tightening the knot.
  • Knots are not strong as the line. Knot strength is often expressed in percent, such as  percentage of the strength of the line at which the knot will break. (I.e. knot testing is 90%)
  • Practice them home until you tie them easily.

The video below is amazing, includes all the knots you need!

You can find my favorite knot & bottom rig at the video below : Thanks to my dear friend Mahmoud, Alexandria knot and rig :

Just watch the video below to learn 2 more knots easy to tie. Clinch knot and fish killer knot :

and I could not move on without sharing GT Knot, it is quite interesting:

Please find below some links to more videos :

Palomar Knot

No name knot


Nail Knot

Jansik Special

Perfection Loop


Offshore swivel knot

Non Slip Mono Loop