Fishing Hooks

Fishing HooksThe image on the left shows you the hook anatomy and type of hooks.

It is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of different Fish Hooks. All Fish Hooks have three basic characteristics – Fish Hook Sizes, Fish Hook Weights and Fish Hook Styles.

Fishing Hooks Sizes

You will be able to know the Fish Hook size via the number designated to the hook. A higher number corresponds to a smaller hook. Tough the way of designating numbers differs among the manufacturers.

A Fish Hook can also either be long-shanked or short-shanked. This is represented by a number and a letter X. The number tells you how many sizes longer or shorter the shank is for the Fish Hook size. When it is a 2X Long hook, it only means that it has the same shank length as the Fish Hook that is two sizes larger. In choosing the correct Fish Hook size, consider the type of Fishing Bait you are using as well as the fish you want to catch.

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Hook Sizes

Fish Hook Weights / Diameter

Like the hook size, a number followed by an X assigns the hook weight. For example, a 2X Fine hook means that the hook is similar in diameter to a hook that is smaller by one size. It can be fine wire or heavy wire. A fine-wire hook can go through the fish’s mouth with ease. On the other hand, a heavy-wire hook can cling better to the fish and it does not turn crooked as easily as a fine wire hook.

Fish Hook Styles

Styles of the hooks vary. The Fishing Hook can be weedless, double hooks or treble hooks, or the eye of the fish hook can be turned up or down so on.

Names are self explanatory, i.e. the weedless hook is called as such because it prevents the weeds from hitching on the fish hook. If your fish hook has two points, then it is called a double hook.


  • Maintain sharp Fish Hooks. To check if the Fish Hook is sharp, lightly run the point across your thumbnail. If it leaves some trace or scratch, then your Fish Hook is sharp. Likewise, points can be short and smooth so the barb can quickly penetrate and hold easily.
  • Fish Hooks with turned down eyes are the most suitable, while those with straight eyes are seldom used.
  • Long shanks are useful for Fishing Baits such as worms or prawns which are threaded onto the Fish Hooks and they are generally easier to remove from the fish you have caught.
  • Fish Hooks with short shanks can be easily hidden in the Fishing Bait. They are normally used to most types of Bait Fishing.
  • A thin Fish Hook will penetrate more easily to the fish compared to a thick Fish Hook.


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