Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing Tackle

What do you need to have in your fishing tackle box ? Here you are :

  1. A small note book that you keep important information about yourself. Your name, blood group, any kind of medicine you use, any special medical condition you may have, your vehicle details, at least 2 emergency contacts so on. That’s the major part of your fishing tackle box.
  2. A small first aid kit, at least including but not limited to alcohol, anti bite (or Ammoniac), band aid and pain killer,
  3. Fishing pliers,
  4. Sinkers, different type and weights,
  5. Hooks, different type and sizes,
  6. Lines, different strengths and thicknesses,
  7. Torch and spare batteries,
  8. Lighter,
  9. Knife,
  10. Fly repellent,
  11. Small cloth to clean your hands and grasp fishes if necessary,
  12. Rod bell,
  13. Scissor to cut baits,
  14. A hat, plastic raincoat and necessary clothing,
  15. Sanitizer,
  16. Fish landing net,
  17. Rod holders, (Depends on the need, for sand, rock or pier)
  18. Cooler box (Of course with some frozen Gel Packs),
  19. Couple of plastic bags to keep fishes in,
  20. Gloves,
  21. Some Sabiki’s,

In addition you may want to have :

  1. A small sewing kit.
  2. Salt,
  3. Fishing stool,
  4. Small tweezers,
  5. Strong adhesive,
  6. Whistle,
  7. Fish Gripper,
  8. Scale.
Dont forget to get some drinks and food as well for yourself, so no interruption on fun!
Also you can find a nice comparison and a lot of information at fishing tackle box link.