Fishing Wear


Fishing wearYou have to protect yourself from heat and cold. Believe me it was quite cold on the boat just last week, imagine 12 degrees with extreme wind in Dubai!

Hip boots, chest waders, fishing hats and rain gear are the main part of fishing clothing, but of course we dont use all of these since the weather is quite hot in here. Let me give you some tips.

1. The most dangerous condition you’ll face on the water isn’t wind or waves, but the sun. Sunburn isn’t just uncomfortable, it could also lead to skin cancer. The best way to shield yourself from the sun is to use sunburn cream. Another way to protect yourself and stay cool is by wearing a loose fitting, lightweight long sleeved shirt and long pants. Fabrics that have an ultraviolet protection factor greater than 40 will protect you from the sun all day. The newest generation of fabrics is designed to dry very quickly and cool the skin.

2. Wear layer by layer if you feel cold during winter, so you can remove some of those when it gets hot.

Fishing wear3. Use a wide brimmed, well ventilated hat. There is no standard type of hat for fishing, just as long as you are well protected from sun’s rays and cold breeze. A fishing hat which is an excellent choice for sun protection is a white cotton baseball cap with a long visor.

Don’t forget your neck, look for some news models comes with pull down flaps to  protect your whole face including your neck and has small holes that allow ventilation on your head.

4. You can easily get soaking wet on the boat and you have to keep a second set of clothing with you.

5. A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes. Look for high quality polarized lenses with wraparound frames to cut through the sun’s glare and see fish and structure below the water. The best fishing shades will have a thick frame that blocks light from entering the eyes. Grey lenses are best in bright conditions with clear water, while amber lenses work better in low light or cloudy, off colored water. Some anglers even go so far as to wear light colored gloves and a face mask to completely block out the sun.