Fish Species


UAE Fish Species

1. Fishbase: (You will surprise)

FishBase is a global species database of fish species. The origins of FishBase go back to the 1970s and it is one of the largest online database on the web. FishBase provides comprehensive species data, including information on taxonomy, geographical distribution, biometrics and morphology, behaviour and habitats, ecology and population dynamics. Just click the link below:

UAE Game Fish Species

Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2014.FishBase.
World Wide Web electronic publication., ( 08/2014 )

UAE Fish Species2. Please click the links below to open mentioned documentation which you can find different kind of studies have been made about U.A.E fish species.

UAE Fish Species (thanks to

UAE Fish consumer guide (thanks to

UAE Fish Table (thanks to

3. You will find a lot of information and images on U.A.E fish species at the links below :

4. You can find here a link to the list of world wide fish common names :


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