Best Fishing Tips for UAE!

Best Fishing Tips

  1. Be patient! You may not have a good catch on each fishing trip. Fishing teach us patience, that’s our own time we spend for ourselves and it is a pleasure we may share with friends too!
  2. The time that you choose to fish is very important. 30 minutes after sunrise, sunset, moon rise and moon set are best times. Please read my fishing fishing forecasts page to learn more about timing.
  3. Location is the best tip that can make you productive. Submerged wood in shallow water or structure like humps and rocks are good points. Please visit my where to fish page if you want to know best fishing spots in UAE.
  4. Know the fish that you are targeting. Understand their habits, diet, and biology. Know fishing calendar of the area. Remember the three “R’s”, Read, Research and Record data in a journal. Please visit my fish species page if you want to know more on UAE. fish species.
  5. If you are using lures, know that the water clarity and lure color are related. Dark water = bright color, Clear water= natural colors. Dark sky= Dark Colors, light sky = lighter colors. Also keep in mind that color changes in deeper depths, all colors end up black or white in deep water.
  6. Use good gear, quality line and hooks. Your gear doesn’t have to be the most expensive but keep in mind you get what you pay for. You can find a lot of information about fishing gear and fishing tackle on my site.
  7. Obey laws and regulations and be responsible on what you do. Practice catch and release.
  8. Share the fishing experience with others and take others experience with you! Ask what bait and tackle they use for that location at that moment, where else do they go for fishing so on. You will learn a lot of helpful things.
  9. Tie good knots, retie often and sharpen hooks every few fish with a good file. Or else you may want to change your tackle every one or two trips.
  10. Always be safe on the water. Thousands of boating incidents happens every year and a lot of people gets injured or even die. Statistics says 9 out of 10 victims were not wearing life jackets. Wear a personal flotation device and live to fish another day!

Happy Fishing!